Right now, there’s someone looking for healing -
and you might be the person who can heal them...

The question is: Will you be ready to help them?

You may have the calling to be an herbalist,
but do you feel confident in your ability to actually do it?

Having this heart-felt calling to serve the plants, people & planet
is the first step to becoming an herbal healer.

The next step is to gather the essential skills that build
your confidence to help others with plant medicine

Most herb resources just tell you what conditions herbs are "good for." Unfortunately, this just doesn't always work.

We loose sight of the whole person, and end up giving herbs "hoping" they'll work.

You don't want to use herbs and just hope they'll work.
You want to know that they'll work.

You want to give herbs that get to the roots of disease. You want your clients to not just be symptom free, but to reach the deepest levels of healing possible. 

You don't just want to memorize what herbs are good for, but to understand their healing power holistically.

To be an effective herbalist, you need skills rooted in tradition, proven from thousands of years of clinical experience.

And the essence of these herbal skills is rooted in Vitalism.

The School of Evolutionary Herbalism presents the



Whether you want to be a community herbalist helping your family & friends, or a clinical practitioner working with clients, this program gives you the skills and strategies to help the people you care about with the power of plant medicine.

You'll gain confidence and competence by integrating traditional healing techniques from across the world to practice with precision and be an effective herbalist.

You'll cultivate the practice of true holistic herbalism: using whole plants for whole people to get to the roots of disease and bring about transformational levels of healing.

This is a step-by-step, deep-dive training like no other. We go into some serious detail, giving you knowledge and tools you'll use for years to come on your path as an herbalist.




Throughout the program you'll understand the body physiologically, its connection to emotional & psychological patterns, and specific therapeutic strategies that get to the root. You'll learn your herbs with depth and precision, understanding their holistic properties and not just the superficial symptoms they're "good for."

This synergistic model approaches herbalism through multiple traditional perspectives, from Ayurveda, Western Herbalism & Medical Astrology, giving you a well-rounded therapeutic model unlike any other!

"This program has much more depth than any other programs I have taken.

Although I learned a lot from other classes, they still offered a very allopathic minded relationship to plants & people. I never felt quite satisfied because of this. The Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program is so dynamic, it pushes you to think outside of the lines that most western herbal students think in, whether they realize it or not."

-Shannon Muldoon




    – Comprehensive anatomy and physiology united with traditional energetic systems so you understand how the body works on all levels

    – Common pathological patterns that afflict each organ system and how to treat them

    – Learn core constitutional patterns and organ system energetics to get to the roots of disease

    – Match the precise herbs to the specific constitutional patterns in every client


    – Learn over 100 herbal remedies to holistically treat every organ system

    – Understand plants based off clinical patterns, not just symptoms, to match the whole herb to the whole person

    – Synergize advanced herbal actions, organ affinities, tastes, and energetics

    – Administer remedies with precision, specificity, and accuracy to treat and prevent disease


    – Create customized formulas to directly meet every client’s specific needs

    – How to blend herbs in the correct ratios and dosages

    – Formulation strategies for each organ system and common symptoms

    – The art of addressing the body, mind, and spirit with one herbal formula.

    – How to balance the energetics of your formulas to match the client’s constitution


    – Learn specific methods to evaluate and assess the constitution and tissue states

    – How to do the most effective client intake and interview to get the information you need to find the right plants

    – The art of reading the pulse, tongue, and face

    – Integrate medical astrology into your clinical toolbox

    – How to navigate each case with clarity and focus


    – Learn the deeper meaning encoded within the body through psychological and emotional patterns

    – See the archetypal expression of each part of the body through medical astrology

    – Give herbs to support physical healing and spiritual transformation

    – Learn depth diagnostics to “see into the body”

    – The effects of trauma upon the body and psyche


    – Learn to use herbs and holistic health protocols to support the body’s innate healing intelligence

    – Integrate diet, nutrition, lifestyle coaching, and spiritual support for a truly holistic herbal practice

    – Understand the body as an ecosystem and herbal therapeutics based on vitalist principles

    – Learn traditional models of therapeutics that get to the roots of disease

"This program gave me the confidence to go out in the world to practice herbalism and I'm now seeing clients.

Before this program, I was thinking that I would never know enough and I was keeping my interest in herbalism private - just helping myself, my family and friends and I thought it would most likely stay like this.

But through this course, a door to the heart of nature opened for me to share healing with others - to be a bridge between the herbs and the people."

Lisa Jeannin - Tranås, Sweden



Totally new to herbalism?
We got you covered. You'll get a solid foundation to use herbs holistically and get the competence to practice with confidence.

Already practicing?
This synergistic program lends you new insights, perspectives, and practices that accelerate your herbal practice to a more
refined and potent level.

We've had everyone from total beginners to surgeons, naturopaths, acupuncturists and a spectrum of holistic practitioners and taken their understanding of herbalism to new depths.

So wherever you're at on your plant path, you're guaranteed to get powerful tools that make you a top-notch herbalist that gets results.

"As a Naturopathic Physician, I had always gravitated toward using plants in healing work with patients.
However, I often did not see clinical results, it was as if the herbs sometimes just did not work. That all changed after studying with The School of Evolutionary Herbalism and taking The Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program.

I highly recommend this course to every practitioner that uses herbal medicine."

- Dr. Katherine Mallette, ND - St. Thomas, Virgin Islands


  • In-Depth Video Training

    You’ll get the entire Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program on video. Unlike going to a live workshop where you have to cram it in all at once and hope to remember, you’ll be able to pause, replay & repeat classes over & over again to let the material sink in.

  • Comprehensive Course Notes

    You’ll receive downloadable PDF’s of all of the notes, handouts, charts & tables, plus a mountain of additional study resources in written form. You can print everything out to compile your own workbook!

  • Lifetime Access.

    This material isn’t going anywhere – you’ll be able to revisit it for years to come. It’ll be a lifetime resource for you to continue to come back to. The program is advanced enough that you’ll still get new insights and revelations into these teachings years down the road.

  • Study at your own pace.

    You can study whenever it’s convenient for you. You’ll be able to take your time and watch the videos over and over again, moving forward or backwards as you need. There’s no deadline to finishing the program – you can study as fast or slow as you like!

  • Watch online or take it with you offline

    You can easily consume this material anywhere. From the comfort of your own home, at the gym, or on the road – you can watch the videos online or listen to the audio lectures offline from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

  • Free Future Upgrades

    We’re going to be expanding the program and adding more material to it. As we continue to refine and improve this program over the years, any updates or upgrades we create for this program will be 100% free to you.


You can't find another course as in-depth as this in an online format.
We've created a unique synergy of clinical Western Herbalism, Ayurveda,
Medical Astrology, Vitalism & Holistic Nutrition that's incomparable in quality.

To learn all of this elsewhere, you'd have to enroll in at least 3 different programs. Not only would this take you years of study, but it could cost you upwards of $6,000 in tuition
(and that's not even including travel expenses).

But I did the hard work by putting it all together.

Imagine 10+ years of research and experience distilled down to a complete system that's available to you all the time forever.

This will save you an incredible amount of time, resources, and confusion so you can get out there improving the lives of your family, community, and clients.

For when we all do that together,
we have the ability to heal the world. 

Enrollment for the Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program is Currently Closed

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– Get over your fears of working with clients!

– Learn a proven step-by-step framework for doing the best client intake

– Integrate multiple methods of holistic evaluation: pulse, tongue, & facial diagnostics

– Get the critical information you need to find the right remedy every time

– Learn how to do case review, effective follow ups, and track client progression


– Get beyond "shotgun" formulation and go strategic!

– Learn specific formulation protocols for each organ system

– Understand the different elements of a holistic formula and their proper ratios

– Create customized formulas of teas, tinctures, and other herbal preparations for every client

– Learn dosage and dispensing strategies and how to reformulate based on stages of healing


– Get a MASSIVE resource of traditional herbal texts in downloadable PDF format

– Learn from Western Herbal Traditions such as the Physiomedicalism, Thomsonianism, Eclecticism, Homeopathy, and the Nature Cure movement

– Study your materia medica from well-trained clinical practitioners

– Many of these texts are out of print or hard to find


– See medical astrology in action with specific case studies as Sajah breaks them down step-by-step

– Understand how to navigate through the birth chart and see the relationship between the body, psyche, and soul

– Learn how customized herbal formulas are made through knowledge of the chart

– Learn to use an ancient model of holistic assessment and evaluation

– Effectively prevent disease by strengthening constitutional weaknesses


– Get specific insights into how you go beyond herbalism being a hobby and turn it into your career

– Learn the 3 primary pathways to actually make a living as an herbalist

– Inspiration on developing product lines, seeing clients and clinical work, and being a leader in your local community through instruction

– Follow your calling and passions by supporting yourself along with your family, community, clinic and the Earth itself.


This is a deep-dive training on how to read the natal chart for health purposes, giving you a cutting edge assessment tool to use with each of your clients. You’ll learn how to determine the constitution and temperament, assess disease predispositions, and create herbal formulas based on the chart. This course takes your practice of Vitalist Herbalism to a whole other level and gives you the tools to integrate medical astrology into your herbal practice.


"The Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program gave me the foundation I was looking for in clinical herbalism.

Going through each organ system not only helped me to categorize herbal actions and affinities and gain a deeper comprehension of the tissue states, but also gave me an understanding of my own body and my own self healing capabilities.

The deep understanding of the tissue states and herbal energetics that the Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program offers sets us students apart from other herbalists. This has been foundational to my practice and has instilled the mindset to support the whole individual and the vital force."

- Mamie Wartelle, founder of Chiron's Apothecary
Chimacum, Washington 

After taking this program, I now have more confidence with really knowing materia medica and have more personal experience with herbs. I also gained more knowledge as to how to effectively consult with a client and select the appropriate herbs for their condition.

I have studied with several different teachers and the instruction usually focuses on an allopathic approach of “this herb being good for that” without taking the individual into consideration. This program influenced me to be more precise and specific in matching the appropriate herbs to the client's condition.""

Mary Anne Leary - Jacksonville, Oregon

Sajah's practice and teachings truly are holistic. In addition to providing loads of scientific information, he shares insights into the correspondences among herbal traditions; the relationships among people, plants and universal energies; and how they all play a vital role in achieving balance and health. Sajah brings you through the whole process: from the foundations of herbalism to assessment to formulating. I also loved the format, which offers both video and print versions of the lessons, as well as easy access to the teacher when you have questions or comments."

Ann Torp - Illinois

"The courses I took with The School of Evolutionary Herbalism were initiations for me! It is truly a school about the vital force within all living things. This program is so generous, so multilayered and well thought and felt through. I must say that it couldn't be more clear - it's a very good system that transmits very well online."

Lisa Jeannin - Tranås, Sweden

"This program is much more in depth and encompasses both science and spirituality in a way that only Sajah can. The content was well organized and the information was more clearly presented than in any other herbalism course that I have taken. The recordings are amazing and I listen to them regularly and repeatedly. I had a practice before and continue to have a practice but now I have more ease with making formulas for clients and more knowledge of herbal energetics. I feel more confident in using vitalism in my practice and feel that I am now working much more holistically than before.”

Steph Jackson - Vancouver, British Colombia

"After taking this program, I feel very confident in the skills I gained to understand the patterns of the herbs in a much deeper, more insightful and magical way. I’m now able to see symptoms within people with more depth too - seeing them as patterns that reflect into potentially deeper aspects of an individuals experience. It has given me guiding principles to practice herbalism by, as well as the capacity to think in a well rounded way of both being in a state of wonder and curiosity with both people and plants."

Atisa Rashidi - Vancouver, British Colombia

"The Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program has significantly changed the way I view plants, humans, disease, and elemental energetics. These courses help me dive deeper into the interconnectedness of life and truly embrace the holistic nature of health and healing. My herbal studies feel new and exciting, and my herbal practice feels much more solid and grounded."

Shannon Muldoon

"Through this program I built the confidence to start seeing & treating clients in my community. 

This course provides the right information you need in order to accurately assess an issue & choose the right remedy for the specific person, tissue state & organ system."

- Sherri Marriash - Revelstoke, British Colombia

Enrollment for the Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program is Currently Closed

Click the button below to request a personal invitation to join the program
and get a FREE 3-part workshop series to get a taste of the course.

Enter your name and email below to get a sneak peak into the program with the Vitalist Herbalism Mini-Course.

We'll send you a personal invitation to join the program after the workshop series.



Does the completion of this course provide certification?

Currently we have simple certificates of completion that we are able to offer to students that complete the entire course. We are currently developing testing and homework for students that would like a more in-depth certification. As a student of the program this will be made available to you as soon as it is developed. 

How does the Vitalist Herbal Practitioner program differ from the Alchemical Herbalism program?

The Alchemical Herbalism program is more focused on the spiritual aspects and philosophy of Alchemy & Spagyrics, giving you an understanding of the astrological forces that work through people, plants and Spagyric medicine. The Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program is more clinically focused, with an emphasis on the body systems through a constitutional approach and focuses on using plants therapeutically for people.


Originally, Alchemical Herbalism was considered the “Year 1” Evolutionary Herbalism program and the Vitalist course was “Year 2,” as it was designed to take the teachings you learn in Alchemical Herbalism to a deeper level of specificity for a clinical herbal practice. That being said, they are both totally stand-alone programs and you can certainly do one without the other, no problem.


So they are ultimately 2 quite distinct programs. The Vitalist program does cover some simple medical astrology through the organ systems, but Alchemical Herbalism goes way deeper into that. Alchemical Herbalism briefly covers holistic evaluation/diagnostics, but Vitalism goes much deeper on this subject. If you are more interested in esoteric aspects of plant medicine, Alchemical Herbalism may be a better option. But if you wanting to learn the holistic therapeutic properties of plants and how to work with people, then the Vitalist program is perfect for you!

If I’m already enrolled in another Evolutionary Herbalism Program, should I still consider this course?

Absolutely. All of the programs we offer are comprised of completely different teachings and topics and there is no other program we offer that covers the foundations needed to create your own Vitalist Herbal Practice – whether you wish to become a practitioner or simply help friends and family. This program is highly compatible with all of our other programs, as the entire Evolutionary Herbalism philosophy is woven into all of our teachings.

How much time does it take to complete this program?

Because you have a lifetime access to this program, you can move as fast or slow as you like. We’ve designed it this way because we know how busy life is and want you to be able to study at your own pace. If you were to watch 2 videos per week you will get through the entire program in approximately a year.


When you register, all the classes are taught through videos lessons, and come with the option to download audio MP3’s and PDF’s for further reference as you move through the content.

How much does the program cost? Do you have payment plans options?

We offer three different payment plan options which can be paid via credit/debit card of PayPal.


Our payment plans are as follows:

– Single payment of $1,997.00 (Save $295. Best deal)
– 6 monthly payments of $347.00 (Save $85)
– 12 monthly payments of $191.00

What’s your cancellation policy?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, no strings attached! That will give you the option to go over the materials and see if the program is really a good fit for you! If for any reason you are unable to continue with your payments we are able to suspend your payments and program access. When you are ready to get back in there we can simply restart your payments and program access.

Do you take interns/ apprentices? Can I do a work trade for the program?

We currently do not take work traders or interns at this time as we don’t have the infrastructure to manage and oversee helpers at this time. However, we really hope to implement this in the future! And when we have a system in place, you can find the status on our website about these internships.

I’m totally new to herbalism, will this be over my head?

Even if you don’t know a lot about herbs and you consider yourself a beginner, this program lays a solid foundation that gives you the skills & tools needed to use herbs holistically. We’ve had students with zero background in herbalism who excelled in this program. Sajah breaks everything down in incredibly simple yet profound ways that are easy to grasp to get your foundation solid to grow from.

I’ve been practicing herbalism for awhile, is this going to be too basic for me?

This program was designed to give advanced practitioners new strategies and perspectives that will accelerate your herbal practice to a more refined and potent level. The level of detail within each organ system is profound and the synergy of Western Herbalism, Ayurveda, Medical Astrology and Alchemy points the highly unique synthesis of these teachings. We’ve had surgeons, naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists and many holistic practitioners who said this course brought their whole understanding of herbalism to new depths.

Are there any live classes or workshops for this program?

We do not currently offer any live classes for this program but we do offer live webinars through out the year which will enable you to attend and ask questions about your progression in the program and connect a little further with me personally. Though I do have plans to put together intensive live workshops that will be exclusively available for those in the online program.

How can I ask questions and interact with the other students?

We have created an online forum for the students to ask questions directly under each lesson. This is a place for you to connect with me and the other students and see everyones questions and comments organized according to each lesson. You also have access to see your peers questions and answers too!

Do your videos have captions or are they transcribed?

We’re working to get captions on our videos, but it’s a large project and we don’t have a date yet of when this feature will be available. This is a priority project as we want to make the course available to the deaf community. However, there are currently PDF’s for each lesson in the program that you can download for your reference. 

How long are the videos going to be available for the mini course and can I download them?

Unfortunately the videos in the mini series are not downloadable, and will only be available to watch until enrollment closes.

Can I purchase this as a gift for someone else?

Absolutely, if you are hoping to buy this program for a friend or family member, please send a message to [email protected] or give us a call at (833) 988-4433 and we’ll get you all setup!