Understanding the signs of the zodiac will change how you see yourself and the world around you.

It'll open your eyes to meaning and purpose in every part of your life. You'll see the invisible threads that weave throughout everything. You'll find the key pattern that connects the stars to the earth - the plants and the planets. And how it impacts us as people.

With studying herbalism through the zodiac, you'll have a new lens to see the plants through. It'll illuminate the greater archetypal forces that are working through the plants. It'll show you their deeper capacity for healing not just physically, but on the spiritual and soul levels too.

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I know how it can be. Life gets super busy, and you simply don't have time to do everything you want to do. Maybe you've always wanted to go back to school, maybe you've just had a hunger to keep learning and growing. But sometimes you can feel limited with what you actually have time and money to invest in.

That's why I created the Botanical Constellations program. With minimal time and monetary commitment, it's a great way to keep learning, but keep it simple. It's perfect for you if you've been wanting to dip your toes into the realm of astrology and herbalism.

In Botanical Constellations, I break down this massive subject into bite sized pieces. We'll take it slow, moving through the teachings every month as we move through the astrological year.

By the end, your practice of herbalism will become more specific and precise. You'll understand how to use herbs on a deeper level because you'll see the greater pattern at work. You'll come away from the program with a new skill set for using herbs and astrology in your life and with those you love.

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    You can get inside the program and see if it’s for you. You’ve got a month to watch the lessons and experience the program to make sure you love it. We stand behind our work and our word. We want you to be completely happy with your choice to sign up for this program – that’s why we guarantee a full refund if you feel like it’s not the right fit for you within the first 30 days of enrollment.

    "I've been studying astrology for almost 20 years now and I have never understood it so completely as I am now, going through it with Sajah in this program."

    - Doreen Phillips



      You’ll learn the foundational aspects of herbalism and their specific applications through medical astrology. You’ll learn the energetic patterns behind Ayurveda, Traditional Western Herbalism, and Greek Humoral Theory. This’ll give you a framework for seeing the specific relationships between plants and planets.


      You’ll learn pathways of correspondence between the planets and signs with the organs, systems, and tissues of the body. This information can help you to determine predispositions for disease and imbalance. And more importantly, it’ll show you how you can use herbs to prevent them from taking root!


      Deepen your understanding of your herbal remedies by studying materia medica through the zodiac. You’ll learn herbal actions, energetics, tastes, constituents, and botanical characteristics for each sign. Instead of just memorizing the properties of plants, you’ll tap into the deeper patterns beneath the surface. This’ll give you the tools to see their true essential nature and specific star signature. You’ll become a better practitioner with a more precise understanding of your herbal remedies.


      Become more aligned and attuned through living with the seasons and cycles of nature. The 12 signs show archetypal patterns that are continually occurring throughout the year. Tuning into their influence allows you to see the larger impact of the stars upon your behavior, psychology and physical health.


      Astrology can show you much more than your “personality traits.” When you dig in deeper, you’ll see it’s a map for you to chart the pathway of your soul’s evolution. If that’s not enough, we take it even further. You’ll see how it impacts your unique constitution and physical body too. And you’ll know how to integrate plants into your life to match your specific needs for balance, health and vitality.


      The root of all these teachings stems from the mystery traditions of the West. In this program, you’ll learn how astrology ties into Alchemy, Spagyrics, Qabalah and the Tarot.  These esoteric traditions can lend insight into using astrology with your wildcrafting, harvesting, and medicine making preparations. You’ll get a well rounded perspective of how astrological archetypes are influential in your daily life.


    In over 30 hours of video & audio classes, you'll learn about herbs through the zodiac by understanding the human & botanical correspondences behind each sign.


    • -The Energetic Architecture of the signs: the corresponding planet, element and modal quality.
    • -Seasonal dynamics and reflections in nature
    • -Dual nature and relationship to yin and yang
    • -Relationship to symbolism, archetypes, and mythologies of the world
    • -Correspondences to the major and minor arcana of the Tarot


    • -Physical body type, characteristics, and constitutional dynamics- from the perspectives of Greek Humoral and Ayurvedic Tri-Dosha theories.
    • -Organ, system and tissue rulerships of the signs and planets.
    • -Disease and pathology potentials and pre-dispositions, organ deficiencies, weaknesses, and excesses, as well as tissue state pathologies.
    • -Positive and negative psychological and emotional patterning of each sign.
    • -The evolutionary function of each sign as it serves to initiate us into higher levels of awareness.


    • -Morphological and botanical characteristics: shape, texture, color, habitat, aromas, etc.
    • -Specific tastes, herbal actions, energetics, and organ, system and tissue affinities.
    • -Plant constituents and pharmacognosy
    • -Esoteric principles of plants.
    • -Specific materia medica examples for each sign.

    "I was never especially interested in astrology- I had an urge to know more but whatever I tried to read or listen was quite boring to me. Sajah wove everything together in a way that has really changed my perspective about herbalism and made everything so easy to understand. This teaching is like an answer to my prayers for finding a way to deeply understand herbalism and get another way of thinking!"

    -Eleni Christoforatou - Corfu, Greece


    • A video class every month for a year.

      You’ll get a 90 minute (average) video class sent to you every month – plus an extra hour of audio in a monthly astrology session. Unlike going to a live workshop where you have to cram it in all at once and hope to remember, you’ll be able to pause, replay and repeat classes over and over again to let the material sink in.

    • Downloadable notes, lessons & handouts.

      You’ll receive downloadable pdf’s of all of the notes, handouts, charts & tables, plus a mountain of additional study resources in written form. You can print everything out to compile your own workbook!

    • Lifetime access.

      This material isn’t going anywhere – you’ll be able to revisit it for years to come. It’ll be a lifetime resource for you to continue to come back to. The program is advanced enough that you’ll still get new insights and revelations into these teachings years down the road. (Please note that if you cancel your subscription before the 12 months are up, you won’t have access to the material anymore – you have to complete your 12 payments of the program to have lifetime access.) 

    • Go at your own pace.

      You can study whenever it’s convenient for you. You’ll be able to take your time and watch the videos over and over again, moving forward or backwards as you need. There’s no deadline to finishing the program – you can study as fast or slow as you like!

    • Take it with you anywhere.

      You can easily consume this material anywhere. From the comfort of your own home, at the gym, or on the road – you can watch the videos or listen to the audio lectures from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

    • Suits your learning style.

      We get how unique each person is. That’s why we deliver this information in multiple ways to cater to your lifestyle and learning style. You can watch it on video, listen to audio downloads, or read transcripts and notes.

    • Upgrades are Free.

      We’re going to be expanding the program and adding more material to it. As we continue to refine and improve this program over the years, any updates or upgrades we create for this program will be 100% free to you.

    • Watch Online or Listen Offline.

      This is an online program, which means you’ll need internet access to watch the video lessons. However, all of the notes and mp3 audio files of the classes are downloadable, so you can enjoy those without needing internet connection.

    • Cancel anytime.

      If this program isn’t for you, no worries – you can cancel anytime! If you decide to cancel though, you won’t have continued access to the members area where the classes are – you’ll lose access to the classes if you cancel your subscription before the 12 months is up. If you cancel within the first 30 days, we’ll give you a refund – after the 30-day window, you won’t receive a refund if you chose to cancel your subscription.

    • Exclusive access to member's community.

      Along with the amazing classes you’ll be receiving, you’ll also be part of the Botanical Constellations community. You’ll be able to interact with fellow students in the forum and have exclusive access to ask your questions and share your comments which will be personally answered by me.

    "Before this course I had no idea about the interconnections between astrology and herbalism. Now I see that being an herbalist with astrological knowledge really takes my relationships with plants and people to the next level.
    I am so grateful for these teachings and don't think I would have been able to learn this information anywhere else. "

    -Kailani Gorman - Santa Fe, New Mexico



    If you're into herbalism, but don't know the first thing about astrology - no problem! You don't need an astrological background to take this course. We'll give you a solid foundation to understand and use astrology in your work with plants.

    Likewise, if your background is in astrology and you don't know anything about herbs - you'll get a ton out of this course. It'll expand your whole understanding of what's possible with astrology!

    If you're just getting started with
    Astrology or Herbalism - don't worry!
    This course will teach you everything you need to know!

    And if you're advanced on either path, this program will
    provide new levels of insight and clarity
    to further refine and expand your practice
    to greater levels of efficacy and precision.


    You can get into the Botanical Constellations Program today for only $27

    Join us for the


    Online Subscription Program

    12 Payments of


      You can get inside the program and see if it’s for you. You’ve got a month to watch the lessons and experience the program to make sure you love it. We stand behind our work and our word. We want you to be completely happy with your choice to sign up for this program – that’s why we guarantee a full refund if you feel like it’s not the right fit for you within the first 30 days of enrollment.


      "I loved how the Botanical Constellation program really weaves "whole-istic" views of so many different aspects of health and medicine together! This course definitely helped in my overall understanding of how astrology is so intertwined with plants. There's value for those who are looking to understand astrology in deeper ways and for those who are interested in making & using herbal medicines more consciously! The depth of information is incredible. I look forward to continue learning from Sajah in the future! Thanks so much for presenting this valuable knowledge from your heart!"

      - Tony Deluca- Ashland, Oregon

      "Using the planets as archetypes to describe plants helped bridge a necessary connection for me in understanding what astrological influence looks like in a very practical way. Not only did it deepen my understanding of plants, but helped to offer examples of the way that planets and astrological influences show up in an earthly, tangible form. It also helped to see people through their astrological influences and get a clear picture of how the planets represent themselves within and all around us."

      - Jacquie Day - Victoria, B.C.

      "I really appreciated the depth of the Botanical Constellations program and the interweaving of Astrology, Tarot, many aspects of Herbalism, and Energetic information.  Listening to this through the seasons helped me appreciate many aspects of my own astrological chart in ways I had not seen before."

      - Aylee Welch- Seattle, Washington

      "Learning to work with the planetary correspondences in plants revealed a whole new layer of understanding that has been invaluable information for my herbal practice. It has given me incredible insight into my own healing journey and empowered me to help others more fully. I highly recommend this program!"

      Amela Hall - Montpelier, Vermont

      "Through Sajah's profound teachings I have learned to weave the language of the plants and the stars together into one stream of wisdom, benefiting my personal life and the medicine I make for others. My quest for esoteric knowledge and a deeper understanding of life itself has been quenched from learning this sacred energetic architecture of life."

      - Evan Purcell - Williams, Oregon

      "By identifying the relationships between plants and planets, this program provided me a truly holistic approach for practicing herbalism, one that allows me to administer plant medicines based on ones unique astrological constitution. This framework for understanding herbalism is not only intellectually fascinating, but more importantly is eminently practical."

      Hernan Savastano - Seattle, Washington

      "With the installment about Aquarius, my personal sun sign, the astrological pieces became all the more clear for me – I was cracked open to a new understanding of myself with these teachings. I will keep listening each month, deepening my relationship to the plant nation and the Stars.  So much gratitude!"

      Barbara Ocskai - Seattle, Washington

      "As a student of astrology and herbalism, this program helped ground my understanding of the cosmos and enlighten my comprehension of the plant kingdom in practical yet magical ways. Through the exploration of different cultural perspectives on life and healing I can comprehend the universal language of plants, planets and the elements in a whole new way."

      Theresa Layden - Portland, Oregon

      "This class was a gift I gave myself and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I was opened to a profound understanding of plants and their synergistic connection to the cosmos. Sajah is clear, highly knowledgeable and passionate - one of those teachers you never tire of hearing."

      Shonagh Home - Redmond, Washington

      “With this program I feel like Christmas comes every month, and I get to nerd out on new teachings for a whole month. This is a great way to learn!"

      -Mike Goldstein - Seattle, Washington


      Thursday, April 9th at 11:59 pm Pacific time

      Join us for the


      Online Subscription Program

      12 Payments of


        You can get inside the program and see if it’s for you. You’ve got a month to watch the lessons and experience the program to make sure you love it. We stand behind our work and our word. We want you to be completely happy with your choice to sign up for this program – that’s why we guarantee a full refund if you feel like it’s not the right fit for you within the first 30 days of enrollment.